Be The Change – Human-Centered Design Workshop


COVID-19 pandemic led to a massive digital revolution and newer ways to solve problems around the world. It also led to many problems rising to the surface. If you are an Entrepreneur or an ambitious problem solving creative individual, this is an amazing time to hone your skills and grab opportunities to build a scalable and impactful business. Our “Be The Change” workshop gives you the mindset, tools and to pick up some important skills to not only survive the pandemic but to identify key areas of opportunities and start exploring new ideas around it.¬†

This workshop will be spread across four days over two weekends in June, each day from  9:30-12:30 pm. Additional mid-week and after program support will be provided via Slack. Upon successful completion of the workshop, participants will receive a digital certificate of completion.

Workshop facilitator: Dhairya Pujara, CEO of YCenter

Date / Time: June TBD

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If you need financial assistance, you can apply for a scholarship here: https://forms.gle/Bxch7SGyVzJRLmQ79

Please email: inquiry@techincubatorqc.com for any questions.

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