Social Impact Fellowship – Application is Open

The Tech Incubator is starting a new initiative: “Inventing the Future” (IFI). Our goal is to invite broad participation from entrepreneurs and change makers from the college and the local communities to share their talent and resources, to collaborate, and to jointly tackle the toughest challenges we face and to scale their impact.

The Social Impact Fellowship will be the first project under the IFI initiative.

With the Social Impact Fellowship, we invite a small team of Queens College students, faculty and staff to help a start-up entrepreneur, a local business owner, a community organizer,  a change maker, or a cutting-edge researcher tackle their toughest challenges and to make a positive social impact.

The Fellows will participate in a 2-day Human Centered Design Bootcamp, on April 23 and 24, jointly held by the Tech Incubator and the Ycenter .

As a SIF Fellow, you will learn how to use Human Centered Design approach, go into the field, and apply what you learn to help your real-world client answer their most pressing questions. You will grow your own knowledge and your skills in research, consulting, and social impact.

The SIF Fellowship is cross-disciplinary. SIF Fellows come from every department and corner of the College and include undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff.

As with all the I​nventing the Future​ work at the Tech Incubator, one key question drives this Fellowship is: “How might we leverage existing talent and resources and connect all stakeholders to create a driving force for a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable economy?”


March 4, 2019


March 29, 2019, 11:59 PM EST


Participating in the two day workshop: April 23 and 24.

4 – 8 hours per week for 10 weeks after the workshop to collaboratively work with a client, to design, prototype and implement a project idea derived from the workshop.

Link to apply:


Information on the Human-Centered Design Bootcamp:


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