Data Viz Hackathon 2020

Human Centered Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

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In this 90 minutes interactive workshop, you will learn more about Emotional Intelligence and how it can be leveraged in the workplace to improve relationship building, communication, trust, and results. You will also learn how to apply Emotional Intelligence in everyday situations in the workplace to enhance Leadership and improve organizational results. Speaker: Luis Moreno, […]

From Idea to Business

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This is a 15-week online interactive program, offered in three parts. The first class will start on Jan 5. The class will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. In Part 1, aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs will develop and refine a business concept, taking it through an iterative cycle of ideation, […]

Why The Brain Follows – The Neuroscience of Leadership

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The current pandemic has changed the landscape of leadership development. Old ideas and methods don’t apply during such an unprecedented crisis. Leadership skills based on personal experience and anecdotal evidence have become irrelevant. It is time to bring the science of decision-making to leadership. The Neuroscience of Leadership is about understanding how leaders decide to […]

Neuromarketing: Outsmart Your Competition

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Neuromarketing is a scientific approach to understanding consumers’ decision-making. It pays close attention to the role of emotion, intuition and impulse in making buying decisions. Now guided by science, businesses can make their marketing much more effective by applying Neuromarketing principles, avoiding wasteful spending. Successful companies, like Apple, Google, and Amazon have all adopted Neuromarketing […]