Introduction to Python

Course Description

  • Python is an incredibly flexible programming language, enabling powerful workflows without requiring complex syntax. In this course, we explore the foundations of Python, introduce basic data structures, and illustrate some beginner analysis tools using the Pandas library.
  • Upon completion of the course, the participant will have a solid grasp of core object oriented programming concepts, be able to control program flow through the use of loops and conditional statements, and analyze large datasets
  • The target audience for this course is non-CS participants interested in learning about programming, intermediate CS participants who want to learn a new language, and anyone who wants to enhance their data analysis skills

Course Content

  • Module 1 
    • Python in the Workplace (voiceover)
    • Jupyter Notebook Overview (voiceover)
    • Variables & Functions
  • Module 2
    • Basic Data Types & Data Structures
    • Basic Logical Operations
  • Module 3
    • Iterables & Iterators
  • Module 4
    • Importing Modules & Classes
    • Objects
    • Pandas
  • Module 5
    • Data Analysis with Pandas


  • Classes will be ~45 min with 15-30 minutes afterward for questions
  • Module 1: August 18th @ 1 PM ET
  • Module 2: August 20th @ 1 PM ET
  • Module 3: August 25th @ 1 PM ET
  • Module 4: August 27th @ 1 PM ET
  • Module 5: September 1st @ 1 PM ET


  • Asher Kinyon: After earning his undergraduate degree in both Finance and Computing & Data Sciences, Asher spent 2 years in investment banking before transitioning to the tech world, where he now works for Via on their Marketplace products. He has enjoyed finding ways to inject elements of programming and computer science theory into his various roles. 
  • Jake Gober: After earning a degree in applied mathematics and economics, and completing a coding “bootcamp,” Jake started his career as a software engineer at an early stage legal technology start-up. He then transitioned to Via, where he now works on the Marketplace team. At Via, Jake combines his mathematical background and coding experience to tackle operational projects using a mix of data analytics, model building, and automation.
  • Sam Rosenberg (Course TA): After graduating with a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) and Psychology, Sam spent his first year out of school in investment banking. Before coming to Via, Sam did not have prior coding experience, but since joining the Marketplace team, he has embraced the challenge of learning SQL and Python from his colleagues, as well as through the help of online resources.


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