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From Idea to Business

This is a 15-week online interactive program, offered in three parts. The first class will start on Jan 5. The class will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

In Part 1, aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs will develop and refine a business concept, taking it through an iterative cycle of ideation, problem reframing, rapid prototyping, and testing, resulting in an MVP for their early adopter customers. The participants will learn to use a lean business model canvas to design their business and to validate the hypothesis related to their business concept. 

In Part 2, participants will examine and learn business fundamentals, topics include:

  • Sales and Marketing: how to reach, get, and keep your customers. 
  • Accounting basics: how to keep accurate records and understand how your business is doing financially
  • Financial Forecasting: how to estimate and project your revenue and expenses.
  • Legal masters: setting up a legal structure for your companies, know your legal rights and responsibilities, and protecting your intellectual property;
  • Financing: how to finance and grow your business.

The participants will examine and learn various aspects of a business model. They will search and put a business model together and use it to present their business.

In Part 3, the participants will get ready to launch their business. They will learn the steps leading to the launch, building a team and culture, various aspects of operating a business, how to measure performance and continuously grow their business.

The full price of the class is $300. There are three ways you can enroll and get discount:

Enroll for the full course  $199

Enroll for one part of the course $79

Enroll for one week on a specific topic $19