Cybersecurity Class – The Threat Within – Summer 2018

Course Description

This course is offered as part of a unique education-industry collaboration between Queens College and the Cybersecurity Workforce Alliance (CWA). United States critical infrastructure reports a significant shortage of graduates with the skills, experience, and understanding of people, process, and technologies supporting cybersecurity, business resiliency, information technology risk, business risk, and auditing. In response to the identified skill-gaps, key industry leaders launched the CWA to meet current and future industry demand for cybersecurity talent with the goal of producing graduates who are workforce-ready. The mission is to enhance the cybersecurity skills of college graduates and scale education to U.S. critical infrastructure cybersecurity workforce demand, facilitating college graduate hiring and mitigating cybersecurity workforce risk across public and private sectors.

In this course, student interns work in teams with industry mentors, faculty, and teaching assistants (TAs) using an on-line technology platform, iQ4. The course goal is to enable students to identify and analyze the depth and breadth of the cybersecurity challenges from multiple disciplines. In other words, depending on his/her background, students will focus on interrelated dimensions, including technical, procedural, legal, behavioral, skills/proficiencies and the spectrum of constituent cyber domains/functional areas to develop solutions and desired outcomes.

This is a non-credit course, open to all. A technical track is available to computer science or technology-oriented students.

Date: Summer 2018, from June 6 to August 22
Time: Wednesdays 4 pm to 6 pm

Full cost: $400
Discounted cost for QC students: $200

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QC students: please use discount code: QCSTUDENT to claim the 50% discount.

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Interested in learning more about this class? Here is a blog written by our student TA, Margarita Zias: Click here >>>.

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