User Groups

The Tech Incubator supports several user groups that provide a peer-supported learning environment on a variety of topics. All students are welcome to join and contribute.

Full Stack Web Development – Explore topics related to frontend and backend web development, meet on Friday afternoons. Please contact Muhammad Raza for more information.

HackQC – a user group that supports personal and group projects, with emphasis on computer graphics, gaming, and VR/AR related topics. Meet on Friday afternoons. Please contact Luis Medina for more information.

iOS Mobil App Development – Learning Swift and iOS app building, meet on weekends. Please contact Kashfi Farhim for more information.

Pythonista – Learning Python and working on personal or group projects together. Meet on Wednesdays. Please contact Muhammad Raza for more information.

Tech Interview Preparation – The group will be learning and practicing tech interview skills. We will meet weekly on Thursdays from 6 pm to 8 pm at the Tech Incubator.  Please contact Rocky Singh for more information.


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